The ingredients we use here at K.MINAMOTO are all natural, coming from the organic world around us. As an environmentally-friendly business dedicated to making the needs of our customers a number-one priority, we proudly serve our customers our natural and delicious products. Our wagashi are the embodiment of such standards, using only the highest quality of ingredients from natural resources. In order to maintain such quality, our staff make a concentrated effort from beginning to end, from the selection of ingredients and production, to packaging and shipping, to the moment it arrives in your hands.



At K.MINAMOTO, we strongly believe that the quality of ingredients can make all the difference. When selecting our ingredients, we place the utmost importance on quality, as we strive to provide products with a delicate sweetness, pleasant texture, and subtle aroma that can only be achieved with the best of ingredients. We then apply our time-honed techniques with grace and, through careful and delicate preparation, bring out the delectable taste our confections are known for.




Our concept: to connect people from all over the world through our new, joyful style of confection creation, is an ideal our staff keep close to heart as we work towards bringing our Japanese treats and new confections to you. Here at K.MINAMOTO, we pledge to continue our production of new confections based on traditional techniques, with a creativity and ingenuity learned from confection creation throughout the world.