japanese tradition


Japanese sweets are a delectable product of Japanese culture. Built up by the technology and creativity of Japanese artisans for centuries, Japanese sweets created using techniques honed to bring out the deep and rich flavor of natural ingredients, while attaining the highest level of beauty. The sweets appeal to the human senses - enjoyed first with the eyes for its natural yet exquisite beauty, and then with the tongue as its savory flavor lingers and melts away. It is this underlying Japanese tradition that forms the base of K.MINAMOTO's confectionery creation.

traditional recipes


At K.MINAMOTO, while we value time-honored techniques and the models Wagashi makers have set before us, we also aspire to create new confections suited for a more modern palate. The "Fruit Confection Nature Series", which traces the origins of wagashi while imbued with modern sensibility, is representative of this. With carefully selected ingredients, confections such as these are a result of our pursuit to design a confection that we can share with people from all over the world.


for the senses


K.MINAMOTO's confections offer an enticing flavor stemming from its Japanese origin that, upon trying for yourself, present an unforgettable flavor and experience that appeals to the sense of taste. In the contemporary world we live in, we are often caught up in our busy lives and leave little time to appreciate the more simple things in life. That is why, here are at K.MINAMOTO, we continue to provide both traditional and fusion confections that resonate with all five senses, sight, taste, smell, touch, and sound, reminding us to take the time to enjoy the small things.



Seasonal sweets




“Spring” that you've been waiting impatiently for, arrives when cherry blossom buds begin to change color. Just as the coloring of nature dyes the hills and fields, so confectionery, delicately clad in the fragrance of the season, blossoms colored in full glory. It is said that seasonal Japanese confections, duplicating the fleeting, exquisite world of spring, are colored with the joy of spring.



"Summer" The season of fresh green fragrances in the light breeze, of dazzling sunlight... The trees grow thick with deep greenery, and the air freshens and clears towards high summer. As the seasons change, so do the Japanese sweets of K.MINAMOTO clad in the colors of summer. Please enjoy these seasonal Japanese sweets, which reflect the elegance of a refreshing summer.



"Autumn" The colorful moon, dyes the mountains in a brocade of tints... The autumn leaves, illuminated in crimson and yellow, glowing like a clear fall sky. As the hills and fields gain color with the deepening of the season, so do the Japanese sweets of K.MINAMOTO color their appearances. Please enjoy these seasonal Japanese sweets, which reflect the transitional world of autumn.



"Winter" As the white snow dances through the tranquil landscape, a flower brilliantly blooms with a dignified air... With the arrival of winter announced by the cold wintry winds, it is a time when the trees scatter their dry leaves. As the natural landscape is quietly blanketed in snow, so do the Japanese sweets of K.MINAMOTO become clad in the colors of winter. Please enjoy these seasonal Japanese sweets, which reflect the rich panorama of the four seasons.